To: All Affected CustomersFrom: TTR Operations
RE: Operational Limitations due to COVID-19
Date: 3/20/2020

Effective Friday, March 20th, 2020, the following areas are impacted by shelter in place, essential movement only orders by State governments:

  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania

Businesses, including TTR’s operations, are forbidden to provide services that are not essential. The only remaining businesses allowed to operate are groceries, pharmacies, take-out restaurants and hardware stores.

TTR is complying with these mandated orders from the state, and unfortunately this will affect orders in-route to the affected areas, as well as any new order pick-ups and deliveries for customers in these areas.

For the time being, any in-process orders may be delayed and your sales coordinator will communicate directly with you on any impacted orders. We are happy to continue to schedule orders either originating or terminating in the affected areas and we will begin the scheduled services when the restrictions are lifted.

We encourage you to communicate with your leasing partners regarding the status of your assets, and affected shipments due to the COVID-19 mandates. 

Loading times and delivery times will be impacted for any orders originating or delivering to these affected areas. No other TTR service areas are affected at this time and we will continue to provide updates.

NOTICE: Due to the current health crisis relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and associated government-mandated business and community closures, transportation services may be impacted with or without notice.  At this time, we will continue to provide quotes for shipments, however, please be advised that by placing this order with TTR Shipping, you acknowledge that should restrictions be imposed that would impact our ability to complete the pick-up or delivery as requested, additional charges may be necessary. These charges could include: re-routing, storage, unsuccessful attempts, delays, returns, or cancellations.  You may need to work with your financial provider on lease extensions or buyouts as TTR Shipping is not responsible for these communications, disruptions or any costs or fees associated with the disruptions. Any affected orders, what we term “will advise” will be placed on hold in our system until the service disruption is remedied.